New website!

//New website!

New website!

With a few books published and more on the way, I thought it was about time I got myself a website.

I’ll use the blog to update on future releases, include sample chapters and other general stuff. At the moment I’m currently working on Lethal Edge and think it’s shaping up well. Here’s the cover and blurb:


Terrorists hatch a plan to blackmail the world…
One man’s greed will bring devastating consequences…
A small group must fight to stop the spread of a deadly bioweapon.

While attempting to track down a terror network, Agent Tom Baxter discovers a dirty bomb in the heart of Manchester, but moments later is attacked and captured at gunpoint. After escaping from a remote testing facility, news filters through that every major city in the country has been attacked.

The highly virulent engineered disease, with a unique and deadly set of symptoms, quickly spreads in heavily populated areas causing chaos.

Baxter will need all of his skills to survive and get to the heart of the conspiracy.


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  1. Carl Sinclair May 19, 2015 at 12:58 pm - Reply

    Like the new site. I’m looking forward to checking out Lethal Edge when it’s available.

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