FAST FORWARD is live! LETHAL EDGE on pre-order.

//FAST FORWARD is live! LETHAL EDGE on pre-order.

FAST FORWARD is live! LETHAL EDGE on pre-order.

This week my latest novel, FAST FORWARD, went live in the Amazon store. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the blurb:

Imagine losing what you cherished most…
And somebody offers the guarantee of a better life in the distant future…
Would you take the chance?

After recovering from near-fatal injuries sustained on a mission, Luke Porterfield is offered a second opportunity to fight terrorism by a private venture. He is stored in bleeding-edge technology before agreeing to the deal, and wakes to an uncertain fate.

In a vastly changed and advanced world, Luke is tasked to defeat a deadly and elusive terrorist group. When his mission unearths a five-decade-long conspiracy, the explosive consequences force him into risking his life to save society.

You can buy a copy here.



LETHAL EDGE is also available for pre-order. Here’s the synopsis.

Terrorists hatch a plan to cripple the world…
Dirty bombs erupt in every major city…
But a bigger enemy is coming to take advantage.

While attempting to track down a terror network, Agent Tom Baxter discovers a bomb in the heart of Manchester, but moments later he’s captured at gunpoint. After escaping from a remote testing facility, news filters through of widespread attacks.

A highly virulent engineered disease, with a unique and deadly set of symptoms, quickly spreads in heavily populated areas causing chaos. Baxter knows to stop the world collapsing to its knees, he needs to go where no man has gone before..


You can order it here.

If you buy either book, I hope you enjoy them!




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