Episode 7: Underrated Sci-Fi

//Episode 7: Underrated Sci-Fi

Episode 7: Underrated Sci-Fi

Carl & Darren get discussing the differences between science fiction, horror, and fantasy after they read a supposed top 15 list of the genre.

They then move on to confirm that zombies are not science fiction and why, Carl reveals the dark secret of The Walking Dead fan favourite character Hershel Greene, then dynamic duo discuss the greatest antagonist in the show’s history.

No… it’s not the Governor, or Negan.

The murderous leader of the dreaded Grimes Gang…

Sheriff Richard Grimes. 

With the talk of horror fantasy out of the way, they move on to discuss three of their favourite sci-fi shows that are perhaps lesser known or underrated.

They leave listeners with a discussion of the worst sci-fi movie of all time…

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