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As we enter the festive season, I'd like to wish every reader a merry Christmas, a happy Hanukkah, a great Kwanzaa, or a pleasant Mōdraniht/Yuletide for the pagans among us :) I hope 2018 brings you good fortune, though I expect most of our New Year resolutions will break faster than anything electronic bought on Ebay. [...]


Episode 7: Underrated Sci-Fi

Carl & Darren get discussing the differences between science fiction, horror, and fantasy after they read a supposed top 15 list of the genre.They then move on to confirm that zombies are not science fiction and why, Carl reveals the dark secret of The Walking Dead fan favourite character Hershel Greene, then dynamic duo discuss [...]

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Episode 6: Mysterious Monsters

Carl & Darren delve deep into monster myths in England, New Zealand and Australia to determine if these mythical creatures could really have existed.They discussed;A bitter worm that smashes up everything if he doesn’t get his milk…A mysterious witch with anger management issues…A ghostly figure bent on keeping people off his roads…A shape shifting demon [...]

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Episode 4: James “Murr” Murray Interview

Carl & Darren chat to James ‘Murr’ Murray, a star of Tru TV and Comedy Central’s hit show, Impractical Jokers. His first novel, AWAKENED, is slated for release next year. Murr joined us for a chat about the book, and his inspiring story of never giving up hope of having it published after over [...]

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Episode 2 : Mandela Effect

Carl attempts to convince Darren about the Mandela effect; a the pseudo-scientific belief that some differences between one’s memories and the real world are caused by changes to past events in the timeline. Many believers think it’s caused by travel between alternate universes. The effect is named after one such mass memory event, when a [...]

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Episode 1 : Time Slips

In the pilot episode of Casual Loops… Carl and Darren discuss documented stories where people have said they experienced accidental time travel, odd claims of reoccurring dreams about being involved in historical battles, and some of the better known urban legends that have spread around the world. Time Slips [Wikipedia Page] A time slip is a plot [...]

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