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Enigma Key (The Guardian Group Book 1)

Heir hunter Eddie York is set on a quest by the last wishes of his dead grandfather, a prominent member of the Guardian Group, a secret agency designed to protect the world from dangerous new technologies falling into the wrong hands.

Eddie is tasked to recover the Enigma Key, an object that holds the balance of worldly power. Using information from an old computer game his grandfather had created to hide the key’s location, and working with unlikely allies, Eddie must push himself to new limits if he’s to fulfil his destiny and become a guardian.

With help from skilled computer engineer, Solomon Finch, Eddie must work his way through a challenging string of international clues for the answer to a puzzle that reaches back centuries. If Eddie and his team fail to recover the Enigma Key before their rivals and clandestine global forces, then everything will change…

Enigma Key is the first book in an exciting new thriller series from Tom Defoe and Darren Wearmouth and is for fans of Crichton, Rollins, Brown, and Preston & Child. Mixing history and edge technology, Defoe and Wearmouth invite you into a new world of fast-paced, exciting adventures.


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